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Today, IntraFish informs about the plans of four teachers in Arizona to grow tilapia in underground tubes.
Some industrial minded people seem to think that with fish, they can just do what they like to. They would not dare to do simliar things with their pet, maybe. But are fish animals…? The four teachers (what are they teaching their pupils really?) bound for big scale tilapia underground farming out in the Arizona desert bet it will work. Maybe it will work for their account. But for the fish?
The four are aiming at harvesting 10 tons out of each buried tube containing 22'000 gallons of water. This means tilapia will have to cope with a high stocking density of 120 kg per cubic meter. Moreover, it means the fish will be set in an absolutely synthetic ambience depriving the species from almost every caracteristical component of its native habitat. Fish in such entirely unnatural living conditions will sure be much prone to disease.
Who believes that underground tube tilapia could be safer than tilapia from China? Who's that bloody Swiss company eager to buy all tilapia out of these tubes and make the factory become the world's biggest tilapia producer? Who will enjoy this meal?


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