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Net pen to raise Cobia (Credits: Eric Punkay / Marine Photobank)


Human knowledge about natural needs and behavior of the 450 fish species already raised in farms is scarce. The farming industry has got its hands full enough with 9 percent growth per year and cannot bother as well about research of such non-issues

fair-fish international is actually asking experts what they would think about establishig a database which aggregates, systematizes and interconnects the scarce and isolated findings on fish ethology – and if they assume that it could fscilitate their work and motivate future research.

Answers will be published of course not without the consent of persons to be cited. In on case however consultation is no more possible, yet the answer is so unsparing that we would not deprive you of it:

«I am really not interested in this welfare lobbying - we are in a real world that is respectful for fish welfare and maintains good standards, because it is the best interests of the sector.  Raising the welfare issues falls into the hands of extremists which I do not support. Do not contact me again over this issue. »

The person feeling so comfortable with himself and with the real existing fish farming world is Director of the Fisheries Institute at the University of Hull.




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