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Cartoon: Marco Eberli
Cartoon: Marco Eberli

After years and years of talking us into higher fish intake rates in order to avoid cardiac and other health issues, medical science seems to have arrived at a turning point, finally. Especially white skin people could face higher risk of melanoma when eating fish twice a week, a study finds.

One in 38 whites risk to develop melanoma in their lifetime. A risk that could increase in those who consume 43 g of fish per day which equals the two portions of fish per week we are so insistently told to eat. Frequent fish intake can entail a 22% increase in malignant melanoma compared with people who eat less than one portion for a month.

The study carried out by researchers at the Brown University, USA, and based on data from almost half a million adults suggests even higher risks for regular tuna eaters with a 20% increase of malignant melanoma probability with less than one portion per week already, and similar is true for the admirers of non-fried fish who run a 18% risk increase.

The authors however point out the need of further research to identify the fish components that may increase melanoma risk. They also did not find any difference of mlanoma risk between high and low consumption of fried fish.

In any case, the study might be viewed as a medical argument echoing the ecological and ethical reasoning behind the fair-fish slogan “fish once a month max”.


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