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View on the Blausee (Photo: blausee.ch)
View on the Blausee (Photo: blausee.ch)

The almost unbelievable story behind the environmental scandal at the famous Blausee excursion site in the Kandertal, Switzerland: thousands of farmed trout had died and the lake had temporarily lost its famous turquoise colour.

However, the authorities of the canton of Bern, with the help of the federal government, want to cover up where the poison came from: It’s the improperly disposed of excavated material from the new Lötschberg railway base tunnel dug with poisonous liquid explosives. And the toxic time bomb continues to tick, endangering the groundwater of an entire valley.

The Blausee belongs to three Swiss business leaders, but even they have great difficulty in obtaining justice against allegedly “higher in- terests” and an apparently hard-boiled and well networked waste mafia. The staged reading of the extensive report on the subject takes your breath away from time to time, and during the subsequent discussion with an environmental geologist you will find your laugh stuck in your throat. Well worth listening to or reading (in German only, though).


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